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This menu is for prepared meals only, available for carry out beginning
Monday, July 28 after 2 p.m.

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Prepared Meals This Week at Juicy Kitchen...

Hello JK Friends,

Our Friday night dinner with Chef Dan was a huge hit! As one happy guest said, "Words can't even describe how good this food is." Our next Friday night dinner is August 15th, and we hope you can join us!

For this week's prepared meals we have a Nicoise Salad using organic vegetables from Tantre Farm and house smoked salmon, as well as two great soups with fresh summer vegetables.

Our Thai Rice Stuffed Peppers are tasty whether you have them vegan or with lean ground beef, and our Turkey Meatloaf has a nice summer twist with pine nuts and fresh basil, served with organic sun-dried tomato mashed potatoes. You can also order a small loaf for the family, with a side of sun-dried tomato mashed potatoes, carrots and greens.

Our Summer Stir Fry takes advantage of the summer harvest that is coming into full bloom, and is chock full of goodness with a ginger and lime reduction.

Apricot Upside Down Cake uses fresh apricots and is this week's treat.

To pre-order, see the "Order Meals for Pick Up" link. Orders placed on early in the week (even if you won't pick up till later in the week) get first priority, although we do our best to fill every order.


Sweet Corn Gazpacho

w/tomatillos, roasted yellow peppers, celery, cucumber, red onion & cilantro.
$6 pint/$12 quart (vegan, no gluten)

Pesto Soup W/Beans & Greens
w/pureed cauliflower & parsnips, white beans, lots of fresh basil, & spinach.
$6 pint/$12 quart (vegan, no gluten)


Farmer’s Market Nicoise Salad

w/mixed greens, green beans, steamed red skin potatoes, sun gold tomatoes, gold beets,
cucumbers, white beans & pesto vinaigrette.
$11 vegan/$12 vegetarian w/hard boiled egg $14 w/hard boiled egg & house smoked salmon

By the Pint or Quart: Lentil/Spinach/Strawberry Salad
w/toasted almonds, fresh fennel, celery & fresh tarragon vinaigrette. $6 pint/$12 quart (vegan, no gluten)


Thai Rice Stuffed Red Bell Peppers

w/Thai curry brown & basmati rice, coconut milk & mushrooms, served over wilted kale
w/sesame oil & black sesame seeds.
$11 Vegan/$12 W/Ground Beef

Summer Stir Fry
w/yellow squash, zucchini, gold beets, yellow beans, cauliflower & early cabbage, seasoned w/soy,
ginger & lime reduction served over quinoa topped w/toasted almonds. Allergens: soy, tree nuts
$11 Vegan/$13 w/chicken breast

Turkey Meatloaf
w/pine nuts & fresh basil, served w/mushroom herb gravy, sauteed greens & carrots, served
w/sun dried tomato mashed potatoes. Allergens: tree nuts
$11 piece/$12 mini loaf (serves 3 - 4)

Side of Sun-Dried Tomato Mashed Potatoes for Two
w/sauteed greens & carrots.

Quiche: Caramelized Onion, Butternut Squash & Swiss Chard
Baked in a spelt flour crust w/white cheddar w/local eggs & Calder’s milk. Allergens: milk, eggs
$10 half/$20 whole


Apricot Upside Down Cake

w/whole wheat flour, buttermilk & eggs. Allergens: milk, eggs, wheat

At Juicy Kitchen our mission is to nurture people with healthy, creative, flavorful food
prepared with love, through our cafe and catering.

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