Breakfast & lunch served till 3:00

Weekly Changing Soups vegan & gluten-free 3.50/5.00 (v, ng)

Add Grilled Chicken to any salad: $2
JK Greek Salad
w/romaine & mixed greens, chick peas, house roasted beets,  kalamata olives, cucumbers, roasted red peppers, Mediterranean feta cheese & house made Greek dressing. $11  (v, vg, ng)

Fresh Fruit & Quinoa Salad
w/seasonal fruit, fresh fennel, cucumbers, walnuts, goat cheese & white balsamic vinaigrette. $11 (v, vg, ng)

Farmer’s Market Salad
a seasonal salad w/homemade vinaigrette. Market Price

Roasted Eggplant Mediterranean
on grilled multi-grain (or gluten-free bread) w/roasted red pepper, feta cheese, caramelized onions & pesto sauce. Served w/mixed greens & vinaigrette. $9.75 (v, vg, ng) W/Grilled Chicken $11.75

Veggie Burger of the Week
a homemade burger using grains, vegetables & legumes to form a complete protein. Served on a whole wheat bun (or gluten-free bread) w/a local green salad. $9.25 (v, vg, ng)

JK Club
w/grilled chicken breast, fresh avocado, local bacon, roasted tomato, crunch lettuce & zesty ranch dressing on multi-grain. $10.75

Grilled Veggie & Grilled Cheese Sandwich
on whole grain bread
w/aged white cheddar & a cup of soup $8.75 (vg, ng)

Tempeh Reuben
w/tempeh, aged white cheddar & sauerkraut by The Brinery $9.75 (v, vg, ng)

The Best Veggie Nachos
Organic corn chips w/seasonal veggies, black beans, aged white cheddar, goat cheese, guacamole & roasted tomato salsa. $11.25 (v, vg, ng)