Juicy Kitchen Cafe

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Local produce, eggs & dairy - healthy, delicious food!
1506 N. Maple Rd. (at MIller)
Mon. - Thurs. 7am - 6 pm
(hot food served till 3pm; prepared foods, drinks & baked goods till 6 pm)
Friday 7 am - 2 pm
Sat. & Sun. 8 am- 2 pm
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Breakfast & lunch served till 3:00. (2:00 on weekends) After 3:00 open for prepared meals (Mon - Thurs), drinks & baked goods.
See our prepared meals menu this week at the "Fresh Meals To Go" page.

Daily Breakfast & Lunch Specials!
Gluten-free, Vegan & Vegetarian Options
Free wi-fi
Call ahead for to-go orders & we'll have it ready for you!


v = available vegan; vg = available vegetarian; ng = available w/no gluten

B r e a k f a s t till 3:00


Breakfast Sliders : breakfast sandwiches made on whole wheat focaccia (or gluten-free bread) w/local eggs or tempeh for vegans.
Simple: w/egg & cheese $5.25 (v, vg, ng)
W/Veggie of the day: $6.25 (v, vg, ng)
W/Veggies & Nitrate-Free Bacon: $7.25 (ng)

JK Benedict: poached eggs over veggie cakes w/sauteed greens, roasted tomato & chef's whim sauce. Served w/fresh green salad. 11.75 (v, vg, ng)
- add bacon or chicken sausage for $3

Weekly Changing Quiche
: a light yet hearty quiche baked in a spelt crust w/a side of fresh fruit $8.75 (vg, ng)

Baked Eggs: sunny side up eggs over sweet potatoes, spinach & caramelized onions w/whole grain toast, fruit & greens $9.25 (vg, ng)

Breakfast Quesadilla: w/eggs, black beans, mushrooms, avocado & aged white cheddar. Served w/roasted tomato salsa & greens. 8.75

The Hot Mess: over medium egg, roasted red pepper, goat cheese, avocado & spicy sriracha sauce on toasted multigrain. 8.75

Omelette of the Day: w/local veggies, cheese & a meat option 8.75
$2 - $4 extra w/protein option (vg, ng)


Stuffed French Toast: Avalon organic soft whole wheat bread layered w/light cream cheese, maple syrup caramelized apples, cinnamon & raisins.
Topped w/toasted walnuts & served w/warm maple syrup. $8.75 Add bacon for $3 (vg)

Good Morning Sunshine:
a slice of our whole grain Crackly Banana Bread w/fresh fruit, natural peanut butter,
Greek yogurt & a drizzle of maple syrup. $6.75 (v, vg, ng)

Scottish Oat Cakes: hearty oatmeal pancakes made w/oats, gluten-free flour, flax seed, buttermilk & eggs.
Served w/a seasonal fruit compote, maple syrup & fresh fruit. $8.75 (vg, ng)

Steel Cut Oatmeal: w/milk, fresh fruit & maple syrup. $6.75 (v, vg, ng)
Add for .50: soy or almond milk, peanut butter, toasted walnuts

Wholesome Baked Goods: $2.5.75 - $3 each (v, some ng)

IMG_1788 IMG_2038 IMG_1963 L u n c h - till 3:00


Weekly Changing Soups
vegan & gluten-free 4.75/5.75 (v, ng)

Grilled Caesar: w/grilled romaine, house made Caesar dressing, whole wheat croutons, freshly grated parm. $9.75 (vg, ng)

JK Greek Salad: w/romaine & mixed greens, chick peas, house roasted beets, kalamata olives, cucumbers, roasted red peppers,
Mediterranean feta cheese & house made Greek dressing. $13.00 (v, vg, ng)

Fresh Fruit & Quinoa Salad: w/seasonal fruit, fresh fennel, cucumbers, walnuts, warm goat cheese & white balsamic vinaigrette. $11 (v, vg, ng)

Add Grilled Chicken to any salad: $2

Roasted Pepper Mediterranean: on grilled multi-grain ciabatta bread w/roasted red pepper, feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes,
kalamata olives, & fresh basil. Served w/mixed greens & vinaigrette. $8.75 (vg, ng)
W/Grilled Chicken $10.75

Veggie Burger of the Week: a homemade burger using grains, vegetables & legumes to form a complete protein.
Served on a whole wheat bun (or gluten-free bread) w/a local green salad. $9.25 (v, vg, ng)

JK Club: w/grilled chicken breast, fresh avocado, local bacon, roasted tomato, crunch lettuce & zesty ranch dressing on multi-grain. $9.50

Grilled Zucchini & Grilled Cheese Sandwich: on whole grain bread w/aged white cheddar & a cup of soup $9.25 (vg, ng)

Tempeh Reuben: w/tempeh & sauerkraut by The Brinery $8.75 (v, vg, ng)

Veggie Nachos: Organic corn chips w/seasonal veggies, black beans, aged white cheddar, goat cheese,
guacamole & roasted tomato salsa. $8.75 (v, vg, ng)


Every Monday our fridge is fully stocked with fresh, healthy and most of all DELICIOUS soups, salads, entrees and desserts. The majority of our menu is sourced from our local farmers!

For prepared foods in our fridge see "Fresh Meals To Go" on our home page.

1506 N. Maple Road (at Miller, next to Anthony's Pizza)
Call ahead and we'll have your food packed up & ready to go! 734-585-5562

At Juicy Kitchen our mission is to nurture people with healthy, creative, flavorful breakfast,
lunch & carry-out meals, prepared with love.

whole grains - fresh fruits & vegetables - vegan & vegetarian options -
gluten free options - salads - soups - wholesome baked goods - natural sweeteners - lean meats -
locally sourced eggs, dairy, produce & bread - mighty good coffee

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