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This menu is for prepared meals only, available for carry out beginning
Monday, September 29 after 1 p.m.

For our Cafe menu, please see the "Cafe" link.

Hello JK Friends,

Our next Pop Up Dinner is Tuscan themed and planned for Friday, October 17. We are in the menu-planning stages, but many people have asked that we announce these dinners well in advance, as they often sell out. These multi-course dinners are always delicious and a lot of fun! If you'd like tickets, you can email Susan at

Our menu this week features the fall harvest of our local farmers, as well as our delicious Chicken & Dumpling soup.

To pre-order, see the "Order Meals for Pick Up link." On-line orders are put together in the order in which they are received, (even if you won't pick up till later in the week). We tend to run out of a few things as the week progresses.

Organic Curried Butternut & Kobocha Squash Soup

pureed w/vegetable stock & coconut milk (vegan, no gluten)
$6 pint/$12 quart

Chicken & Dumpling Soup
w/chicken stock, celery, bell peppers, carrots, onions, chicken & gnocchi dumplings.
$6 pint/$12 quart

By the Pint or Quart: Moroccan Bulgar Salad

w/bulgar wheat, dates, oranges, baby spinach & pistachios in Moroccan spiced dressing. (vegan)
$6 pint/$12 quart

Honey Crisp Apple Salad
w/mixed greens, honey crisp apples, dried cranberries, currants, cucumbers,
celery & toasted walnuts w/maple Dijon dressing.
$11 vegan/$12 w/white cheddar/$13 w/chicken

Thai Basil Coconut Chicken

w/ginger, turmeric, coconut milk over brown rice & pepper/peapod/shiitake stir fry.
Allergens: soy

Lemon Tahini Salmon
A 5 - 6 oz. filet baked & served over roasted sweet potatoes, butternut squash,
cabbage & shallots w/lemon tahini sauce. (no gluten) Allergens: fish

Farro Jambalaya
w/farro (a whole wheat berry) farmer’s market bell peppers, zucchini,
tomatoes, onions, celery & okra.
$12 vegan/$14 w/chicken sausage

Broccoli & Cheddar Quiche
w/balsamic roasted shallots, baked in a spelt flour crust w/local eggs &
Calder’s milk. (vegetarian) Allergens: milk, cheese
$10 half/$20 whole

Bacon, Broccoli & Cheddar Quiche
w/balsamic roasted shallots baked in a spelt flour crust w/local eggs & Calder’s milk. Allergens: eggs, milk
$12 half/$24 whole

Raw Chocolate Brownie for Two

Our favorite brownie made w/dates, cocoa powder, nuts & maple syrup, served w/fresh fruit. (vegan, no gluten)

At Juicy Kitchen our mission is to nurture people with healthy, creative, flavorful food
prepared with love, through our cafe and catering.

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