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Catering Menu


seasonal vegetables, aged cheeses, Calder’s skim milk, local eggs, spelt flour crust. Bacon, turkey sausage or chicken sausage optional.

Breakfast Sliders
egg & cheese breakfast sandwiches on whole wheat fococcia.

Baked Stuffed French Toast
whole grain bread stuffed w/cream cheese, caramelized apples & raisins, dipped in egg, drizzled in maple syrup & baked in the oven.

Steel Cut Oatmeal
individual cups of oats w/skim, whole, soy or almond milk topped w/fresh fruit & a drizzle of maple syrup.

Chai Granola
individual cups of our homemade Chai granola topped w/fresh fruit & choice of milk

Fresh Fruit Platter (or cups)
the freshest fruit we can find, beautifully arranged on a platter or put into individual cups.

Baked Goods Platter
a variety of our whole grain, low sugar, delicious baked goods.

Fruit & Yogurt Parfaits
fresh fruit layered w/Greek yogurt, maple syrup & our Chai granola.

Boxed Lunches or Platters
Boxed lunches or platters of sandwiches can be creative and affordable. We do variations of wrap sandwiches, or entree salads with fresh, healthy ingredients. Lunches can be vegan, vegetarian or with grilled chicken or tuna salad.